Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition 1-5 December 2009

Low Season in Langkawi - MAY

May seems to be the worst month ever. Everything is so quiet over here. Less tourists means less income to many resorts and shops. There are a few who came from Switzerland. They say the weather in their country is negative degrees so they come here to feel the sun of Langkawi and burn their skin under the hot sun of 40 degrees Celcius. I could only see a few Arabics lingering around Pantai Chenang at night. They disappeared during day time and I'm sure they must be resting in their rooms avoiding hot sun.

I met one beautiful Arab's lady who came here for honeymoon with her husband. They are currently living in Holland. She doesn't look like an Arab since she doesn't wear hijab but when she speaks I can detect her Arabic slang. Her husband was feeling sick since he ate something in KL restaurant and she was sad that their honeymoon turned out to be not what they expected to be. She had to go out alone to make her hair done and a little bit of shopping. I felt sorry for them.

This month I also met a Cambodian. When she introduced herself , I was like "It's great to meet a Cambodian. This is my first time really." She laughed then continued " Cambodia is not like what you heard on tv" Hahahaha how on earth did she knows what I was thinking. So I just laughed. She was hoping to eat Laksa Power. It's the must have food when you're in Langkawi. But she was a bit too late. She was leaving Langkawi already. Anyway, she reminded me of Michelle Yeoh.

While every mother was celebrating Mother's Day, I posted a comment on Blog Catalog 'Hope to be a Mother someday". After awhile, one cute, tiny, spontaneous boy came up to me and asked "Do you have short pants?" I smiled. It was cute for a 5-year-old boy to speak in English. He was local. I looked around but couldn't see any adults accompany him. We had a mother-son talk. Ahem.. At least I think I was.

I'm hoping to meet a lot of tourists this month. Checking on the resorts reservation, I'll just have to wait until end of this month for Langkawi to be flooded with tourists.